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· we speak English

· our goal is to provide professional accounting services to domestic and foreign entrepreneurs

· we help foreigners to open companies in Poland

· we operate on the base of the Ministry of Finance certificate allowing to offer a bookkeeping service

· accounting services are provided fairly according to the standards, norms and polish tax law as also the necessary accounting rules

· we prepare all necessary statements and statistics to our Clients so they could easily follow the financial management of their enterprises

· we specialize in so called “full accounting” for limited companies (ltd.) and simplified forms of accounting: Revenue and Disbursement Book, lump sum, tax card etc.

· we represent our Clients by the Tax Offices, Statistics Offices, Public Insurance Institution etc





If choosing the www.aktywna-ksiegowa.pl service you have the certainty to be served by the professional staff, people with directional education in economics (Poznan University of Economics - former Academy of Economics) and relevant experience.




Certificate of Ministry of Finance allowing the accounting service is an additional proof of knowledge.



We warmly welcome to establish cooperation and contact biuro@aktywna-ksiegowa.pl